How to Find All Inclusive Cruises

The most asked question from people coming to our cruise website is about how to get discounts on all inclusive cruises, including alcohol. Even passengers that consume very few alcoholic beverage ask the question. In the past, all inclusive cruises was limited only yo the most luxurious cruise lines such as Regent Seven Seas, Seaborne and Crystal Cruise Lines.

How times have changed. Now many premium cruise lines, particularly Celebrity offer all inclusive cruises including alcohol as an additional benefit for loyal customers. In addition, travel agents are increasingly offering drinks packages as an enticement to book with them. Either way, an all inclusive cruise including alcohol can save you thousands of dollars per person. Even if you aren't inclined to consume a lot of alcohol the savings are still significant for specialty coffee drinks, sodas, bottled water and energy drinks.

It is quick and easy to use a travel agent to book what may be termed an "all inclusive cruise cruise package" but that is not entirely accurate. Usually when someone asked the question they are specifically referring to alcohol being included in the package.

If you prefer premium brands and plan to consume more than 4 glasses per day then the all you can drink option may be right for you. Keep in mind these plans include unlimited consumption of no-alcoholic drinks such as sports drinks bottled water and sodas. Some plans, such as Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, the price also includes gratuities.

Most drinks containing alcohol cost in the range from $5 for beer to $12 per glass of wine. Prices can escalate quicking for premium brands. Celebrity Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean packages start at $44 per person per day for standard brands and $55 per person per day for premium. Generally, that means any drink available aboard ship.

Generally speaking, if you plan to indulge, purchase the all you care to drink package or do additional research to fine lines that offer all inclusive cruises including alcohol. You could do that by asking us for specific advice by cruise line, consult a travel agent or talk to people that are experienced with multiple cruises.

Optional Drink Packages on Cruises - 

Are They Worth the Price?

Many people who are new to the pleasures of cruises ask us what is included in the price. Most of the time, what they are really asking is if drinks with alcohol are included. If your cruise line will be Crystal, Regent, Seabourn or Siversea, then the answer is yes. All of these lines offer all inclusive cruises including alcohol at one fixed price. Be aware that hese luxury cruise lines' rates may be double or more than cruise lines with comparable itineraries. 

All inclusive beverage packages have become wildly poplular add-ons for those passengers who enjoy not having to worry about having a whopping drink bill at the end of the voyage. Packages vary from various cruise lines but from my experience with Celebrity Cruises, they will save big-time, even if you don't consume alcohol.

Here is an example of prepaid drink options available on all Celebrity ships:

Soda Package: Starting at $8.00 per day includes popular soft drinks in can or at the fountain.

Bottled Water Package: $14.00 per day for sparkling and still water. Popular brands include Evian and Perrier.

Classic Non-Alcoholic Package: $16.00 per day included Soda Package plus premium juices and teas as well as non-premium bottled water.

Premium Non-Alcoholic Package: $20.00 per day includes all non-alcoholic drinks including smoothies, Vitamin Water and Red Bull Engery Drink.

Classic Package: For $49.00 per day you get the benefits of the Classic Non-Alcoholic Package plus all beer up to $6 per serving, spirits, cocktails, and frozen drinks up to $8 per serving, and wine by the glass up to $9 per serving. As an added benefit, there is a 15% discount on premium wines by the bottle.

Premium Package: At $59.00 per day, this package includes all drinks available with the Classic Packages as well as premium beer, wines and liquors. Believe me, for this is one of the best deals any cruise line offers.

So, the bottom line...are all inclusive beverage packages on cruises worth the added expense? YES!

Note on bringing alcohol on board: Passengers are allowed to bring 2 bottles of per per cabin for the initial embarkation. Do not try to game the system and sneak additional alcohol onboard. Many cruise lines will no longer confiscate illegal itms and return to the offender at the end of the cruise. They will confiscate the liquor/wine/beer, whatever alcoholic beverage and destroy it.