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How to Get the Best Prices on Cruises

It is simple to make reservations for all inclusive cruises for any port of call if you just make the effort to search for them. You will save up to thousands of dollars on cruises by using my simple to follow techniques. I never pay full fare and it is crazy simple to learn how to find an all inclusive cruise at a highly discounted rate. If you are uncomfortable booking on your own, by all means use a cruise travel agent but you really don't need to. Surprisingly, a large majority of people do pay way too much, especially if they are taking their first cruise. One of my primary reasons for having this Voyage Masters web site is to help people do research about all types of cruises, themes and destinations and then turn that newly acquired knowledge into a great vacation at a competitive price. 

Again, if you follow my suggestions for booking cruises and vacation packages, I am confident that you will save thousands on your next trip. Take advantage of my time-tested advice at no charge. What I mean by that is my goal is to help you get the best deals on the best cruises every time. As you scan my web pages and perhaps read my blog posts you will find that I always suggest that you book your cruises direct with the cruise line operators because they have best price guarantees and therefore you cannot get a lower price. Period. That is especially the case when researching deals for last minute promotions or lines offering repositioning cruise incentives. The cruise lines reservation specialists also have a better grasp of how many cabins and stateroom are still available and they are very well trained on the layout of every ship deck plan so they are in the best position possible to ensure you find the best location to fit your needs. They also have the flexibility to offer additional incentives or perks to help you to book right away. Take advantage of those offers because they can add up to huge savings. 

There are times though, when booking through cruise travel agents, such as those listed on my pages, has its benefits. I monitor online booking services such as Vacations to Go, Travelocity and Priceline and I have found that they are the very best booking consolidators in operation. Vacations to Go all inclusive cruise packages compete very nicely with booking directly with the cruise lines but have more flexibility when you want to book absolutely everything in one place. Using a Travelocity promotional code offer has always helped me save lots of money on many of my itineraries, especially when it is a package deal. People write to me saying that using the Priceline bidding reservation system works very well also, however you may not be certain of the cruise lines, hotel and flights until your transaction is complete. I do not like that uncertainty, but again, there are some very compelling promotions at Priceline. You will find some great cruise discounts there since operators can pass through enormous discounts without revealing their prices to competitors. One last piece of advice about booking all inclusive cruises: Never book through a travel agent. They add no value to your reservation transaction whatsoever. They take a huge commission and tend to focus on vendors who are offering additional benefits by booking their cruises first. With dealing directly with the cruise lines or with the booking consolidators I mentioned above, you have all the options you will ever need to get the best deals.

Voyage Masters' contributing writers and enthusiasts are finding discounts on all-inclusive cruises of as much as 75% OFF FULL PRICE.

Be sure to check out our unique theme cruises on canals, river boats, small ships, barges and freighters.

Always ask for all inclusive cruises because if you don't you pay much more in the long run. Our recommendations to major cruise lines will save you thousands of dollars. Be sure to check their sites first. No matter what some agents tell you, booking direct will save the most money and ensure your trip is seamless. This may be a once in a lifetime experience so read the fine print before you commit. Look for extra benefits and promotions that are only offered with a direct booking. There are plenty of options, so take your time and do the research with tools available from Voyage Masters. You can even check statistics about the ship's impact on the environment by reporting it's carbon footprint.

When in London, don't miss taking a Thames river cruise. With rates starting at under $20 per person, your tour of from the Thames will include passing by the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Big Ben, just to name a few. It's a great way to see all the popular sites of London in a short period of time. Dinner Thames river cruises are also very popular.

And don't forget to take Seine river cruise when in Paris. It's a practical and inexpensive way to see the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.